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Blog Resources to help bloggers, digital marketers, virtual assistants, and entrepreneurs grow their online business.

Blog Resources is to help bloggers, digital marketers, virtual assistants and entrepreneurs to grow online businesses. There are affiliate links in this page which helps to fund my services at no additional cost to you.  Read my full disclosure here.

Build Your Blog


Siteground is a web hosting company. When I was researching web hosting companies there were so many bloggers recommending BlueHost. I decided to do more research and found that Siteground was among the best in the business and was rated higher than BlueHost for site speed, customer service, and security. More bloggers are coming to realize that now and are switching over to Siteground.


GoDaddy is the service I use to purchase my website domain names.


StudioPress sells the Genesis Framework which is the framework I bought for my blog. They have a variety of themes to choose from too.

Restored 316 Designs

Restored 316 Designs has child themes that work with the Genesis Framework. A child theme is like the paint choices for a house, it makes the blog look prettier. I chose the Tasteful theme, but there are so many to choose from.

Blogcabulary Plus

Blogcabulary Plus is an eBook for beginning to intermediate bloggers. It is packed with blogging terminology and resources in an easy to understand format. The eBook can be read all at once and works well as a reference book too.

Milo Tree

Milo Tree is a plugin that can help grow a social media platform like Pinterest or your email list – you get to choose which to display. It is a square slide-in that gets noticed especially for mobile users that may not see your email opt-in or social links.

Grow Your Email List

List Love

List Love is the course that is helping me to grow my email list! Jennifer teaches her students how to grow an email list with a resource library, and she is very active in her Facebook group where she supports each student along the way.

Click here for the free course – List Love Introduction to List Building

Click here for the course – List Love Quick Start (Fast Growth Formula for List Building)

Post Gopher

Post Gopher is the plugin I use that allows you to download this page as a PDF. It can turn any page or blog post into a lead magnet!


ConvertKit is my email marketing service. It’s made for the professional blogger which is what lead me to check it out. I’ve been happy with how easy it is to make my weekly newsletter, my high open rate, ease of making email sequences, and how there is one list of subscribers no matter how many opt-ins there are.  Click here to read my post about why I love ConvertKit.


Pay one penny per new email subscriber to make sure the email address is real. If the email is a fake, then they will not be added to your email list. This can potentially save you a lot of money to make sure your leads are real people reading your emails.


WiseStamp is an email signature service. I’m using the free version for my Gmail address which looks great and only took minutes to set up! It allows you to link to a website, blog post, and social media all from your email signature.

Graphic Design


I use Canva to design my images. I upgraded to Canva for Work which includes a lot of photos and it keeps my branding kit template ready. Canva has free tutorials to learn how to design images using Canva.

Graphic design for bloggers

Simplifying DIY Design

Simplifying DIY Design is a blogger’s resource for graphic design by a blogger. Read my testimonial at the following link!

Click here for the free resource library full of graphic design resources to improve your images.

Click here to visit the shop for ready-made templates and graphic design help.

My favorite product is The Complete Blogger Template Toolkit which I have used to make my email signatures and my blog logo.


I get my professionally done stock images for this website from Pixistock. I pay for the one-year membership for unlimited photos. If you sign up to be on the email list, you get free stock photos sent to you each month.



Click the link above to try ClickFunnels free for 14 days so you can see why they are the leader in the industry for all your funnel needs.

Social Warfare Pro

Social Warfare Pro is the best plugin on the market for social media sharing.

CoSchedule – All-In-One Editorial Calendar and Social Media Scheduler

CoSchedule has been the backbone of this blog. I have used their resources and product since before I launched Aroma Mama. In addition to their paid product, CoSchedule has two FREE resources that I use regularly:

CoSchedule Headline Analyzer for coming up with the best post headlines.

CoSchedule Social Media Optimizer for coming up with the best social media message for the platform being used, and whether hashtags or emojis should be used and how many.

Blog Courses from Beginner To More Advanced

5 Days to a Successful Blog Launch

5 Days to a Successful Blog Launch is a first in a series of blog courses developed by Crystal Paine. This course is best for the beginning blogger in their earliest steps of blogging.

Building a Framework

Building a Framework is an absolute must for someone that wants to start a blog! The price is much lower than other courses for what you get. I used this course as a playbook to get my blog launched in 30 days and still reference it to this day. It covers the technical side of getting a blog ready and looking its best and so much more! The course includes a Facebook group that is active and provides ongoing support and networking opportunities with fellow bloggers.

BC Stack

BC Stack is an incredible bundle of courses and services for bloggers, digital marketers, and entrepreneurs that runs every July. It’s my favorite bundle of the year for the low cost and value!

Billionaire Blog Club (BBC) is open for enrollment for the last time: 7/27/18-8/3/18!

BBC is an awesome membership site for bloggers, entrepreneurs, and digital marketers. There are courses and challenges to grow your blog, but the best part is access to Paul Scrivens, “Scrivs”, for all your questions, including tech, and BBC has a very lively Slack community. Click here to register for the 12 Day Blogging Bootcamp.

BBC will become MOMO, stay tuned for more details! The price will triple when BBC rebrands to MOMO in mid-August.

Elite Blog Academy (EBA)

Elite Blog Academy is the course I took to learn the strategies to make blogging a business. The course is wildly popular for bloggers that want to make a full-time income. There is a Facebook group that comes with the course for ongoing support and networking. I’ve had the opportunity to interact with some of the best bloggers in the business and the majority of my blogging friends have come out of this group. Click here to learn more, and if you want, you can get on the waiting list!

Free Resources from Elite Blog Academy:

Pinterest Courses and Most Popular Approved Scheduler

Read this post for Pinterest tips and more on how these courses can refer more traffic from Pinterest.

Pinterest Improvement Master Plan (P.I.M.P.)

If Pinterest is your strategy for growing your blog, then this course is a must! Jennifer teaches some amazing strategies that I have yet to find in any other Pinterest course!

Pinning Perfect

Pinning Perfect is awesome, providing an in-depth course with detailed tutorials for someone that really wants the full scoop on how to use Pinterest to help them grow their blog! This course includes a Facebook group that provides continued support, Pinterest updates, and collaboration. My favorite part of Pinning Perfect is their Pinterest strategy that is saving me a lot of time and the course goes in depth on how to use Tailwind efficiently and effectively. The tutorials for Google Analytics was incredibly helpful.

Pinteresting Strategies

This is an insightful e-book to help give your Pinterest strategy a boost and covers manual pinning.


Tailwind is a scheduling app approved by Pinterest. I use Tailwind to schedule my pins, check out my pin analytics, and participate in Tailwind tribes.  I just bought a year subscription because I find it so valuable to growing my Pinterest without using a lot of my time. The link includes a free trial of Tailwind Plus worth $15.

Affiliate Marketing Courses

Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing

Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing is the course I took to learn the ins and outs of affiliate marketing in my first month of blogging. In my second month of blogging, I had made over $400 from what I learned from the course. There is a Facebook group that comes with the course for ongoing support and networking. This course has more than paid for itself and I recommend it to every blogger that wants to make affiliate income from their blog! 

Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers, the eBook

Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers, the eBook, is available year round which is a great value for all the information about affiliate marketing in the book. If you would like a free mini eBook about affiliate marketing, then click the link above as well.

Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers Master Course

I took this course in my third month of blogging and found the two affiliate courses in this section to have covered different topics so I am glad I bought both. I learned many tips especially about Amazon that are helpful for my affiliate marketing efforts. This course is a must for bloggers in the DIY, home decor, or lifestyle niches. It goes into great length about RewardStyle and Skimlinks. As a heads up, it’s harder to get approved for those networks and they aren’t meant for the beginning blogger. There is a Facebook group that comes with the course for ongoing support and networking. This course includes Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers, the eBook and online videos on Teachable which goes into more detail and has visual examples. This course bundle only opens up a few times a year. If you want to buy the eBook now, then the online video portion will be available when enrollment opens up a few times a year at an add-on price.

Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers – Everything You’re Missing

Carly Campbell created this course to cover different aspects of affiliate marketing that had yet to be covered in other affiliate marketing courses.

Affiliate Marketing Networks

These networks connect you to multiple companies and products in one place and new bloggers can apply.

Amazon Associates

Amazon is the perfect place to start with affiliate marketing. There are so many products to choose from that can be applied to any niche.

Ultimate Bundles

Ultimate Bundles is a great way to get started with affiliate sales for a beginning blogger and they sell bundles in various niches. The company provides a lot of free sales training for their promotions that is worth it alone. There is also a Facebook group that you can join once you’re an affiliate and the members are super supportive. A huge perk (and my favorite) is that affiliates get 40% off their own purchase of any Ultimate Bundle and can get it before the sale goes live to be able to review the bundle!

BC Stack

Blogging Concentrated offers a bundle full of blogging tools and resources every July. It’s called BC Stack and they are allowing people to pre-order already. If you want to become an affiliate click the link to sign up.


ShareASale is my favorite network. I have had the most success with conversions through this program and find it easier to use than the others. Popular companies in this network include Grammarly, Tailwind, and OptinMonster, to name a few.

Commission Junction

Commission Junction is also known as CJ. Thrive Market is my favorite affiliate from CJ.

Ratuken Affiliate Network

This network is full of some popular brands like Lego, Melissa & Doug, The Honest Company, and Fiverr.


Awin is great for anyone that wants to be an affiliate for Etsy.

Write a Book

Book Boss

Book Boss is the roadmap that Abby of Just a Girl and Her Blog used to write her wildly successful eBooks which have been a large part of her 6-figure business. There is a Facebook group included with this course for ongoing support from Abby and the other members.


Funnel Scripts

Need help with writing copy for your landing pages, sales emails, social media posts, and launches? Funnel Scripts is the way to go.


Blog Finance Spreadsheets

Blog Finance Spreadsheets were created by Stephanie from Six Figures Under. This is an inexpensive product that I wouldn’t have been able to make them myself so it’s invaluable to me. My blog finances are so organized from the use of this product. I am able to quickly make my blog income reports based off of these spreadsheets and anticipate it will make tax preparations much easier too. Check them out for yourself by clicking the purple link above.

Trademark a Name and Logo


TrademarkPlus is the company I chose to get my trademark paperwork started. In my research, I found they were second best to LegalZoom, but they were a lot cheaper. The application process was smooth and quick.


Last updated: 11/30/2018

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