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Why Self-Care for Bloggers is So Important

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Self-care for bloggers is so important and often overlooked for blogging success. Learn the steps to take to protect yourself from blogger burnout.

Self-care for bloggers is an important topic that is too often overlooked for blogging success.

I’ve added self-care for bloggers as a category on the blog because there is so much to discuss. This subject became one of significance to me as I saw bloggers voice their struggles for self-care and feelings of burnout in various Facebook groups.

Bloggers spend a lot of thought and energy into learning how to blog, creating content, graphic design, and then on marketing. Plus, we want to conquer how to blog and have a blog with plenty of content for our readers to consume as soon as possible.

What Happens When Bloggers Work without Enough Self-Care

The learning curve for a new blogger is steep. Even being more experienced now, there is always more to learn. This can lead to fatigue, both mental and physical, especially when added on top of a busy lifestyle.

When taking on the extra workload and trying to solve our reader’s problems, many bloggers forget to take care of themselves. I can share from personal experience that I was trying to help everyone else but myself, and my health and blog suffered as a result.

As a new blogger, I heard many bloggers saying they stay up late or wake up early to work. I figured that I could do that too to get more done.

It was common to find myself in my early blogging days to go without eating a meal or stay up until the middle of the night to do it all.

Now I know from experience that working without a pause for self-care is the fastest route to burnout and a lack of creativity. When we feel burnout, we lose our motivation and passion for why we started blogging in the first place, and that is how so many blogs die! Some bloggers feel like the cost of blogging is too high, and I’m not talking about money here.

How to Avoid Burnout

I would say I learned the value of self-care to be a productive blogger from the school of hard knocks.

I was telling my accountability partners around my ninth month of blogging that I think I was experiencing blogger burnout for the first time. This happened to be the week after I worked through the holidays.

They encouraged me to take time for myself and step away from the blog for a few hours, a few days, a week, whatever I needed. When I took this simple step, I found my creativity and passion for blogging return in a heartbeat. And it was just a matter of going lighter on blogging for a few days – I needed time to unplug! It’s amazing what a movie or game night with the family can do to re-energize me.

Now I take steps to make sure that I take care of myself so I don’t get so close to the dreaded feeling of “blogger burnout.” This gives me the ability to give more to others that rely on me, whether it be family, friends, or loyal readers.

This didn’t happen overnight, though. I didn’t grasp the full importance of protecting myself from burnout until I’d been blogging for nearly a year. I was entering my second year of blogging and wondered if I wanted to live this lifestyle of constant hustle for another year.

But I asked myself how could I ever give it up, I love blogging! I had invested so much of my heart and soul to blogging over the past year that I didn’t want to let it go.

Although, I did recognize that some things had to change to make blogging a part of my life for the long-term. I needed to improve the way I take care of my daily needs.

How To Implement Self-Care for Bloggers

I made a plan to implement self-care into my daily routine. I started with a list on a Google spreadsheet, then I moved up to a life planner.

Some of the things I committed to for daily self-care include getting fresh air, work standing and sitting so I’m not in one position too long, spending more time with loved ones, and taking time for self-development.

I had to give up something, though, to be able to make more time for myself. For me, the answer was easy. I was a heavy Facebook user and kept a pulse on all the blogging Facebook groups I belonged to. All I did was turn off Facebook notifications for most groups, turn off chat, and poof, time appeared that I decided was needed for self-care.

The practice of self-care for bloggers is essential. You’ll be amazed at where it takes you. The cost of not taking care of yourself is far too great! It can lead to burnout, poorer health, overwhelm, loss of creativity, irritability, loss of connection with your readers, and can negatively impact how you treat your loved ones. For some, a lack of self-care leads to giving up on business goals and dreams altogether.

I would like to help you improve your self-care! I made you a Self-Care for Bloggers Checklist to provide accountability to take care of yourself daily. You’ll receive access to the checklist in the resource library upon subscribing to the Blog with Stephanie email list. The printable comes in two colors so you can use the color palette that you prefer.

You can see in the Self-Care for Bloggers Checklist steps I recommend for self-care, but please share in the comments how you practice self-care while keeping up with blogging?

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